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Summer Saints - every Wednesday morning thru til September

  • Summer Saints is a free time for fun and fellowship - Wednesday mornings from 10-12. Open to children of all ages - come and play together and make use of the toys, the hall and the garden.

Events This Week

Mon 21st July – Craft Club 1 – 3pm. Bring any old beads to turn into a bracelet this is led by Dot.
Mon 21st July - PCC Meeting at All Saints’ 7.30pm.
Tues 22nd July – Messy Saints has now closed for the summer holidays.
Wed 23rd July – Summer Saints – free time for all the family to come and enjoy some fellowship and fun and games during the summer holidays 10-12pm in All Saints’ Hall
Thurs 24th July – Mid week service 11am at All Saints’
Thurs 24th July– Soup and a Smile – All Saints’ 12 – 2pm. Please note Soup and a Smile will be taking a break in August.
Thurs 24th July – Parish Bible Study 7.30pm at The Vicarage.

Thurs 24th July – St. Peter's PCC meeting has been postponed – new date to be worked out.

Events Coming Up

Coming up at St. Peter's and All Saints'...

Mon 28th July – Cursillo Ultreya Meeting 7.30pm

Thank you, for supporting St Paul’s Pantry. They have asked for : Milk, Fruit Juice (cartons) Pasta sauce, Tinned tomatoes, Tinned meats e.g. ham and pork, Healthy snacks  - breadsticks,  crackers, dried fruit,  nuts (not salted) Tinned vegetables, Tinned potatoes, Biscuits, Tinned fruit, Sponge puddings and other desserts, Sugar and Coffee

All Saints' Church, Stewart Street

All Saints' Church, Stewart Street serves The Valley area of Crewe. We offer a friendly welcome to people of all ages in life and at all stages in faith. We place a strong emphasis on the nurture and involvement of children and young people, and on care and support for all.
All Saints' is a modern Anglican Parish Church with a unique layout – the altar and sanctuary is in the centre of the church, with everyone gathered around. The building describes our theology: God is not remote at the far end of the church, but dwells right in the middle of his people.
The worship is family friendly and fairly relaxed, using modern liturgy with a range of formats, and a mix of traditional and more modern music.
There is a wide range of activities for children and young people throughout the week in the church hall.

St. Peter's Church, Earle Street

All Saints' Church is linked with St. Peter's Church in Crewe.
St. Peter's Crewe Anglican church serves the communities of East/Central Crewe. We offer a friendly welcome to people of all ages in life and at all stages in faith.
St. Peter's is a Traditional Anglican Parish Church with a light and airy feel with an impressive stained glass window of Christ ascended in glory.
The worship is in the modern catholic style, with a wide range of formats to suit many tastes - from 1662 Book of Common Prayer, to modern common worship for all ages with guitar and flute accompaniment. You'll always be made welcome.

Contact Details

Revd. Steve Clapham
All Saints Vicarage, 79 Stewart Street, Crewe. CW2 8LX
Tel: (01270) 560310
Twitter: @SteveJClapham
Facebook for All Saints:


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